Nourishment After Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Nourishment after sleeve gastrectomy

In the postoperative period nutrition plan, sufficient energy, protein and other nutritional elements are required to support tissue healing during fast weight loss and to minimize muscle loss. Foods and liquids consumed after surgery should maximize weight loss and minimize reflux, early satiety and dumping syndrome.

Following strictly the nutrition plan is of great importance for the prevention of complications that may occur after the surgery and for the healthy completion of the surgical recovery. The gradual diet program you will have is the most suitable nutrition method for the post-operative period.


The gradual nutrition plan week by week is as follows after the surgery;

Your 1st week is the clear liquid food period. Clear liquid food period is the first step in postoperative nutrition. Our aim is not to meet all the needs of your body with natural foods, but to adjust your digestive system to foods.

The second week is the period of thicken liquid food, and unlike the first week, you can consume thicken liquid food in your nutrition plan this week.

The 3rd week is the puree food period and this is the period when you will transition from thicken liquid food to puree food that are not quite solid.

The 4th week is the soft solid food period and this is a transition diet. It covers the processes of chopping, grinding, crushing and pureeing. First of all, protein-based foods are consumed. Then, vegetables and fruits are consumed.