What is dumping syndrome?

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What is dumping syndrome?

Dumping syndrome is a health problem that may be seen especially after gastric bypass surgery and is caused by the rapid passage of diabetic calorie foods into the intestine and causing complaints such as abdominal pain, palpitation and sweating. Dumping symptom is not seen after sleeve gastrectomy. Because the valve system at the stomach exit is left activated in sleeve gastrectomy, the passage of food into the intestines is controlled and slow. Dumping syndrome is one of the most important complications that may be seen after gastric bypass surgery.

What are the symptoms of dumping syndrome?

Dumping syndrome occurs after consumption of concentrated foods with sugar content such as honey, some protein drinks, concentrated fruit juices, alcohol, rice, molasses, marmalade and jam. Common symptoms are abdominal pain, cramps, cold sweats, palpitations and diarrhea. Especially people who have gastric bypass surgery should stay away from foods that may cause these. People who experience dumping syndrome-like complaints should consult to the clinics where they have surgery and their dieticians.

What are the causes for dumping syndrome?

In gastric bypass surgeries, the valve at the stomach exit is deactivated. Newly formed small stomach is connected with bypassing a part of the intestine. This causes the food to pass through quickly. If the foods contain intense carbohydrates and sugar, this causes sudden changes in the small intestines and water withdrawal into the intestines. Therefore, the main cause of dumping syndrome is uncontrolled consumption of sugar dense foods.

Dumping Syndrome Treatment After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dumping treatment should basically be done with nutrition training. Particularly in the early stages of the surgery, certain food groups should be avoided as much as possible. In time, the intestines will adapt to the postoperative period and this problem will disappear. Food groups that should be avoided in the first period after gastric bypass surgery are fruit juice, sugar, chocolate, honey, molasses, jam, marmalade, flour, rice, potatoes and alcohol.