Which Gastric Balloon Should I Prefer?

Mide Balonu Uygulaması

Which Gastric Balloon Should I Prefer?

Gastric balloon application is one of the most preferred and non-operational applications in the treatment of obesity. Its first use dates back to the 1980s. The fact that it’s an old and used application for years makes it reliable. However, the progress shown in the features of the application has paved the way for it to be presented in different varieties. Today, there are 3 different applications used. People who want to get rid of obesity can achieve a weight loss of up to 35 kilos thanks to the gastric balloon application. It is also used before surgery to reduce the risk of possible surgeries in patients coping with obesity.

Gastric balloons are divided into types from different angles. In order to rank these variations, primarily discriminating factors are taken into account. These factors are duration of use, volume control, and the material used in the balloon.

Gastric Balloons According to the Material Used Inside

There are two different states of matter used in gastric balloon applications. These are air and liquid. Gastric balloon application filled with liquid is preferred in order to reach the targeted weight and get maximum efficiency from the application. Considering the weight and volume created in the stomach, liquid application is much more effective. When we look at all the applications, the gastric balloon application, which is inflated using air, is very rare.

Gastric Balloons According to the Duration of Staying in the Stomach

The process of staying in the stomach is effective on the success of the application and the weight loss achieved with the application. Gastric balloons placed using the endoscopic method are divided into two according to the duration of their stay in the stomach. There are gastric balloons kept in the stomach at 6 months and 12 months. Spatz-3 adjustable balloon and fixed volume balloon are used in gastric balloons used for 12 months.

Gastric Balloons According to Application Forms

When gastric balloon applications are examined, there are basically 3 different types of application. The details of the applications are listed below;

6 Month Gastric Balloon

This application is performed by endoscopic method. It does not require surgery, incisions or stitches. Before starting the procedure, anesthesia is applied and the person does not feel anything and pain in any way. The stomach must be empty for the application. In this respect, eating and drinking activities should be stopped 8 hours before the application time. The application is completed in a short time like 25 minutes on average. With the effect of the anesthesia, the patient goes into sleep. At this point, first of all, endoscopy is performed to ensure that there is no obstacle to balloon placement. If everything is appropriate and at the desired level, the balloon placement process is started. After the deflated balloon is placed in the stomach, the balloon is inflated with blue colored serum in the range of 400 to 600 cc. The duration of the balloon placed and inflated in the stomach is 6 months. At the end of the period, the liquid injected into the balloon is discharged together with the endoscopy. The balloon is then removed from the stomach.

Spatz-3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

Spatz-3 adjustable gastric balloon application is one of the next generation applications. When applied with the endoscopic method, the total staying time in the stomach is 1 year. The prominent advantage in this application is that the balloon volume can be lowered and raised at any time after the balloon is placed. For easy adaptation of the person, it can be started with a lower volume from the first application. For example, the weight loss process of the balloon inflated with 400 cc liquid is followed. After the slowing rate of the weight loss, 200 cc more liquid is injected into the balloon, ensuring that the process continues effectively. As in the standard balloon application, after 1 year, the patient is put to sleep and the liquid in the balloon is first emptied. The balloon is then removed from the mouth.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Ellipse)

It is a method that does not require anesthesia. It is approximately in the size of regular antibiotic capsules. The person swallows the capsule with water. A special liquid used in the application is injected through the threaded connection at the end of the capsule. As the balloon inflates, the string connection pulls back and removes. The balloon helps the person lose weight within 4 months. At the end of 4 months, the balloon is not removed from the stomach. The special liquid injected into the balloon has enzymes that will dissolve the balloon at the end of 4 months. The balloon dissolves spontaneously thanks to these enzymes. Following this event, the balloon and the liquid leave the body in normal ways. In line with the goal and progress of the person, a new balloon can be applied in the same way and the 4-month process can begin for the second time.

You can see the gastric balloon applications according to different factors above. These applications should be chosen in line with the goals and comfort of the person. If the patient wants to get the maximum benefit, the Spatz-3 adjustable gastric balloon application is one of the most effective methods. If it is desired to swallow a simple capsule without anesthesia and remove it naturally after 4 months, a swallowable balloon should be preferred. Patients who do not want adjustment on the balloon and want to lose weight statically for 6 months should prefer the non-adjustable gastric balloon.

Most of the gastric balloon applications end with the patient’s compliance problem after the balloon is placed in the stomach. In such cases, the patient may request removal of the balloon. In the application of the Spatz-3 adjustable gastric balloon, if the patient feels uncomfortable, the fluid in the balloon is reduced, allowing the patient to adapt more easily. It is one of the most preferred methods because of this advantage.